My name is Neil, I am originally from Belfast and now I am living in Wales. 

I grew up in Belfast at a time now known as the troubles. Cartoons were a way for me to escape what was happening around me. 

I found peace in drawing and it took me to a magical place in my mind that has stuck with me until this day. 

I remember the first drawing I did as a child which was none other than Donald Duck! 

Donlad Duck was on my dinner tray ( dinner other wise known in Wales as tea) that my mum gave me to make sure my spaghetti didn't go all over the place! 

As I ate my dinner I used to just look at Donald then later sit and draw him over and over again, and to this day I can draw him in a flash!

I always had 3 main passions in life which are; drawing, comedy and becoming a soldier. 

I fulfilled one passion; which was to become a soldier and i served 7 and a half years in the Army. 

My time in the Army has given me the confidence to perform in public. 

My other passion is performing comedy. I have been told by countless people I am a peoples Person,  and how I have the natural ability to make people laugh with my wit, jokes and timing- which is key to having a good time while you wait for your caricature to be drawn. Not every person wants a caricature done but by listening to what I say entertains everyone around me. 

Now I am on my caricature journey, I hope you can come and join me by coming to events I perform at and seeing me in action. 

Thank you for reading about me and I wish you all the best!